3 Contoh Teks Eksposisi Singkat yang Cocok untuk Debat Bahasa Inggris

Teks eksposisi (exposition text) berisi pembahasan tentang suatu topik yang biasanya sedang marak dibicarakan berikut dengan argumen-argumen yang bersifak mengajak pembaca untuk memerhatikan topik tersebut. Informasi yang ada di dalam teks disampaikan dengan singkat, padat, dan jelas.

Argumen yang disampaikan pun harus sesuai fakta yang ada sehingga tidak bisa hanya asal omong kosong. Tujuan penulis mencantumkan argumen-argumen tersebut tentu saja agar pembaca tertarik terhadap topik tersebut lalu turut melaksanakan apa saja yang direkomendasikan penulis.

Ada dua macam jenis teks eksposisi yaitu analytical exposition dan hortatory exposition. Keduanya sama-sama ingin menarik minat pembaca terhadap suatu topik. Keduanya juga sama-sama mencantumkan paragraf pembuka berisi gagasan utama dalam bentuk thesis dan argumen-argumen di paragaf-paragraf berikutnya. Bedanya, penulis analytical exposition mencantumkan reiteration (penegasan kembali) sebagai paragraf penutup sedangkan penulis hortatory exposition mengutarakan recommendation yang sebaiknya diambil para pembaca atau pihak yang bersangkutan.

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Gagasan yang tertulis dalam teks eksposisi seringkali menjadi sumber yang baik untuk debat bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu, kamu bisa membaca contoh-contoh teks eksposisi singkat di bawah ini apabila kamu membutuhkan referensi untuk debat bahasa Inggris.

Debat Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Teks Eksposisi Singkat

The Danger of Using Drugs

Drugs are very dangerous for us because it can cause harm to our body. Generally, using drugs can make us unconscious, hallucinate, and addicted. Besides that, drugs can make the user suffers from dehydration, blood vessels blockage, liver diseases, optic nerve damage, brain damage, depression, schizophrenia, and even death.

Furthermore, teenagers who use drugs often do not have a bright future. They can lose their dreams just because they are known to consume drugs. Their adolescence is wasted because they had to struggle with the law, rehabilitation, and public shaming. Therefore, we must take care of ourselves so that we do not easily fall into the lure of drugs. The momentary enjoyment of taking drugs is not commensurate with the difficulties that arise later.

Fast Food Has No Benefits to Human Body

Nowadays, fast food is considered a normal eating venture. Most people have fast food diets all the time, not just eating them out on special occasions or weekends. Modern, quick-paced, and instant culture forces people to leave or minimize resting time. People no longer have time to process food. They depend on fast food as a source of energy for daily activities. However, is fast food good for health?

The popularity of fast food began to climb since the 1940s. Just within a few years, fast-food operations can be found on big cities and anywhere. During the same period, obesity and cancer rates were increasing. At that time, little to no one knew that eating fast food as a staple diet would lead to both health problems.

As you may already know, fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. To minimize fast food’s production cost, the products are made with highly-processed ingredients. The economical reasons behind that are to give the products shelf-life, to hold consistency, and to enhance flavour. Fast food is simply just an altered form of its original healthy compositions.

Studies show that aspartame and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) lead to weight and disease issues. In fact, these two addictives substances exist, and even in large quantities, in various fast food products.

Thus, fast food does not bring benefits to the body other than satisfying hunger and thirst. There are many other types of foods that are more nutritious and processed in a relatively short time such as salads, toast, sandwiches, instant oatmeal, smoothies, and soup. As humans who must maintain a healthy body, we should not depend on fast food. It has no benefits to human body.

Smoking Only Benefits Cigarette Manufacturers

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that is common in young and older people. Smokers are often depicted as cool, macho, and strong people. Most smokers start smoking because they want to be accepted in their circles. This is why the smoking trend is increasing among young people. Even so, smoking carries many disadvantages for both active and passive smokers. Indeed, smoking is only beneficial to cigarette factories.

Let’s look at the astounding facts about cigarettes. Every year, there are approximately 50.000 people die in Britain because of smoking. It is seven times as many as mortality rate in road accidents. About nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by smoking.

There are a lot of diseases caused by smoking, for example, lung cancers, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Smoking has caused 90% cases of lung cancers and 95% cases of bronchitis. If a smoker has heart disease, he has two and a half times more chance of dying than non smokers.

Smoking does not only negatively impact active smokers. Children of smoker are more likely to suffer from breathing disease such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Non smoker breathes as much substance causing cancer as if he had smoked fifteen cigarettes in an hour in a smoky room.

The cigarette industry is undeniably contributing a lot of money to the country. As of three months, one large cigarette industry can contribute up to almost Rp80 trillion. It is also credited with opening employment opportunities for people from various backgrounds. However, we must not forget that smoking is actually very, very detrimental to environmental health. In the long run, the losses from smoking outweigh the meagre profits.

Tiga contoh teks eksposisi singkat di atas bisa kamu jadikan referensi menyusun argumen untuk debat bahasa Inggris. Dapatkah kamu menggolongkan ketiga teks tersebut ke dalam jenis teks eksposisi yang tepat? Termasuk dalam jenis teks apakah mereka? Analytical exposition atau hortatory exposition? Tuliskan jawaban kamu di kolom komentar.

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