3 Contoh Analytical Exposition tentang Sekolah

Analytical exposition text bertujuan untuk meyakinkan pembaca agar percaya bahwa topik yang dibahas adalah sesuatu yang penting dengan cara menjabarkan argumen-argumennya. Argumen yang digunakan harus menjelaskan “bagaimana” dan “mengapa” topik tersebut penting. Untuk meyakinkan pembaca, seorang penulis menggunakan kata-kata yang menyatakan perasaan, pernyataan, dan menghubungkan antara argumen satu dan lainnya.

Sebuah analytical exposition text terdiri dari thesis, arguments, dan reiteration. Thesis memperkenalkan topik yang akan dibahas serta posisi penulis terhadap topik tersebut. Kemudian, diikuti dengan arguments yang menjabarkan poin-poin penting dan elaborasi topik. Terakhir, ditutup dengan reiteration atau penegasan kembali posisi penulis terhadap topik tersebut.

3 Contoh Analytical Exposition

Untuk lebih memahami analytical exposition, perhatikan contoh sederhana analytical exposition about school berikut ini :

Children Need to go to School

I believe children need to go to school. Education is one of primary human needs to survive and socialize among others. It also can shape personality which is important for the person’s life later.

Moreover, the children will be an adult citizen as time goes by. They will carry out important tasks to run the country later. Respectable countries pay attention to children’s education. As good citizens, we must strive for children to get equal education. We must not discriminate the education they can get based on any background.

Besides, school is a fun place for children to spend their youth. We certainly want them to be happy. Thus, there are simply no drawbacks to encourage children to go to school.

Children Need to go to School Trip

I think children should go to school trip. There are many reasons why.

Firstly, they can have fun after studying intensively for months. Having fun is important because it can eliminate stress. As we know, continuous learning can make children stressed out. It is nice to let them express themselves in school trip.

Secondly, they will learn new things about new places. School trip destinations can be zoos, historical places, or tourism resorts. Not all children have the opportunity to visit these places during school. This can be a golden opportunity for them to extend their knowledge.

Finally, children should have to go on excursions to learn how to behave in society. They can learn how to talk to strangers. In this case, they can learn by talking to locals, guides, and tourists. They can also learn to respect other culture. They are expected to be able to uphold good behaviour wherever they are.

To sum up, children can have fun, learning new things about new places, and learning how to behave by going on excursions. These are the reasons why I think it is important for children to go to school trip.

Children Should Learn to Swim at School

It is important to give swimming lessons to children at school. Here are the reasons why.

Firstly, I believe swimming is a great workout to make someone healthier. It keeps your heart rate up but relieves stress. It also strengthens your muscles. Stronger muscles lead to more strength. Furthermore, the activity needs you to move nearly all of your muscles so that it provides an all-over body workout.

Secondly, good swimmers can help save themselves and other people in case of sudden natural disasters such as floods, high tides, and ice storms. This swimming skill is very important for everyday life. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn it as soon as possible.

Lastly, I feel like children can have fun by participating in water sports and activities. Examples of water sports and activities are water polo, snorkelling, parasailing, rowing, surfing, underwater photography, and sport diving. Who knows which child has talent in swimming? By teaching swimming to children, we can foster this hidden talent.

In conclusion, swimming is a great workout, can save your life and others, and fun to do. Those reasons are why I believe children should learn to swim at school.

Itulah 3 contoh artikel Analytical Exposition Bahasa Inggris, semoga bisa dimanfaatkan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Tulis dikolom komentar jika kamu masih kurang jelas atau ada yang ingin ditanyakan.


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