Contoh Report Text tentang Bunga Lili

Report text ditulis oleh seseorang atau sekelompok orang untuk memberikan informasi umum tentang suatu hal. Fungsi sosial dari report text adalah untuk mendeskripsikan secara umum fenomena alam, fenomena sosial, atau benda buatan manusia. Karakteristik report text dapat dilihat dari adanya judul (title), klasifikasi umum (general classification), dan deskripsi (description).

Berikut ini contoh report text tentang bunga lili:

Report Text Bunga Lili

Lilies are the fourth most famous flowers in the world. The flowers can be found in almost all parts of the world.  They are famous because they are good to make flower field and borders.

According to taxonomy, lilies belong to: Kingdom, Plantae; Division, Magnoliophyta; Class, Liliopsida; Order, Liliales; Family, Liliaceae; and Genus, Lilium. Some examples of different lily species are Lilium auratum, Lilium bulbiferum, Lilium canadense, Lilium candidum, Lilium henryi, Lilium japonicum, Lilium tigrinum, Lilium lancifolium, Lilium longiflorum, Lilium martagon, Lilium pardalinum, Lilium regale, and Lilium speciosum.

Lilies physically have different shapes, sizes, and colours. However, there are five types of lily that are considered the most famous. They are white lily, orange lily, yellow lily, Easter lily, and lily of the valley.

Lilies convey different meanings based on their types. White lily conveys modesty and virginity. Orange lily symbolises passion while the yellow one symbolises gaiety. Meanwhile, lily of the valley conveys sweetness and purity of heart. At last, Easter lily is the symbol of Virgin Mary.

Because lilies have different meanings based on their variety in colour and type, people also commonly used lilies as gifts. In fact, a bouquet of lilies is more famous that other bouquets of flowers, such as Casablanca or Stargazer. People also likes to gift their relatives potted lily plants or lily bulbs.

Lilies also have other uses. Lily oil is believed to have healing and softening quality. If lily oil is mixed with calendula, it can heal and soften very sensitive skin. The oil can also be used as facial moisturizer, under-eye oil, in a bath, after a bath, hot-oil treatment, dry cuticles and elbows, for massages, and for babies.

We know the terms “day-lily”, “water-lily”, and “arum-lily”. These are actually not the “True Lilies”. These three so-called Lilies belong to different flowering plant groups. The unique characteristics of True Lilies are they are composed of fleshy scales and do not have protective outer coating. Their state is never dormant.

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