Contoh Soal Report Text Tentang Harimau

Jika kamu ingin mencari informasi umum tentang suatu hal, kamu dapat membaca report text. Secara umum, fungsi report text adalah mendeskripsikan fenomena-fenomena yang terjadi di sekitar kita, misalnya fenomena alam, fenomena sosial, atau benda buatan manusia. Sebuah report text terdiri dari judul, klasifikasi umum, dan deskripsi.

Jika kamu sudah memahami pengertian report text sebagaimana telah dijelaskan secara singkat di atas, kamu dapat mengetes sejauh mana pemahamanmu dengan mengerjakan soal report text tentang harimau berikut ini. Selain pemahaman tentang jenis teks tersebut, kamu akan dapat mengasah grammar dan vocabulary kamu.

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A. Read the following text carefully and fill in the blanks with correct answers.


Tigers are large, fierce cats (1)__________ have black stripes. They are magnificent (2)__________ that have huge paws with long, sharp (3)__________.

Tigers are (4)__________. This means that they (5)__________ eat meat. They hunt and eat antelope, wild pigs, and wild cattle. A tiger’s teeth are really very good for catching, killing and eating other animals (meat). Some of the (6)__________ make holes, some hold the meat, some (7)__________ and slice, and others grind food into small (8)___________.

Most tigers live on the (9)___________ of Asia. Lots of tigers live in India and some in China. Tigers like (10)__________ in forests and grasslands, where they can have lots of space to mark (11)__________ their territory and hunt. 

Baby tigers are called cubs. Female tigers give birth to three or four live cubs. The new-born cubs are blind and (12)___________. The cubs (13)__________ their mother’s milk for about two months, and then they (14)___________ to eat meat. In the wild, tiger cubs will (15)__________ with their mother for about two years. In this time, the cubs will learn how to hunt so that they can survive.

Tigers are in danger of becoming (16)__________ because their (17)___________ is being destroyed or they are murdered because people want to make medicines from parts of their body. Some people (18)__________ trying to help by creating reserves for tigers where they are safe, but live naturally and are not locked up. Other people join (19)____________ organisations and donate money so that orphaned cubs (whose mother’s have died) can be (20)__________ and looked after.

A. this
B. that
C. who
D. where
E. when

A. creatures
B. sprout
C. plants
D. flowers
E. shrub

A. fang
B. hook
C. tentacle
D. claw
E. barb

A. herbivore
B. mesocarnivore
C. carnivore
D. omnivore
E. nectarivores

A. willingly
B. entirely
C. totally
D. solitary
E. only

A. brains
B. ears
C. eyes
D. teeth
E. arms

A. bit
B. bite
C. bites
D. bitten
E. biting

A. percentages
B. pieces
C. samples
D. scraps
E. specimens

A. bay
B. continent
C. lake
D. ocean
E. slumps

A. live
B. lives
C. to live
D. to lives
E. to living

A. in
B. out
C. at
D. on
E. over

A. help
B. helping
C. helpful
D. helpless
E. helplessness

A. drink
B. drinks
C. drinking
D. drank
E. is drinking

A. began
B. begin
C. begun
D. is begun
E. was begun

A. stay
B. stays
C. stayed
D. staying
E. is staying

A. alive
B. existing
C. extinct
D. living
E. absent

A. habitat
B. crib
C. lodging
D. condo
E. turf

A. am
B. is
C. are
D. was
E. were

A, wild
B. wilder
C. wilderness
D, wildfire
E. wildlife

A. abandoned
B. assigned
C. proclaimed
D. redeemed
E. rescued

B. Answer the questions related to the text “Tigers” below.

  1. Which statement below is false?
    a. Tigers live in China and India.
    b. Tigers kill their preys using their teeth.
    c. Tigers learn how to hunt at the first two years of their lives.
    d. Tigers grind their food using their claws.
    e. People can donate money to raise orphaned cubs.
  2. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
    a. Tigers are going extinct.
    b. Tigers are carnivores.
    c. Tigers’ physical characteristics.
    d. Tigers’ habitat.
    e. Tiger cubs’ lives.
  3. Why the newborn baby tigers are helpless?
    a. Because they cannot chew the meat.
    b. Because they are in danger of becoming extinct.
    c. Because they are blind and cannot hunt yet.
    d. Because they live in China and India.
    e. Because they are carnivores.
  4. Antelopes, wild cattle, and wild pigs are Tigers’….
    a. relatives
    b. friends
    c. enemies
    d. predators
    e. preys
  5. “Some people are trying to help by creating reserves for tigers….”
    What is the meaning of the italicized word?
    a. An extra player who is a possible substitute in a team.
    b. A lack of warmth or openness in manner or expression.
    c. A protected area where plants and animals live safely.
    d. A supply of a commodity not needed for immediate use but available if required.
    e. An area that still has the original colour of the material or the colour of the background.

C. Mention the main ideas of each paragraph!

Paragraph 1 :
Paragraph 2 :
Paragraph 3 :
Paragraph 4 :
Paragraph 5 :

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