Contoh Soal Descriptive Text “History of the Wright Brothers”

Bacalah contoh soal descriptive text di bawah ini sebagai referensi mempelajari lebih dalam tentang salah satu jenis teks bahasa Inggris tersebut.

A. Read the text carefully and choose the correct answers!

Read the text “History of the Wright Brothers” here. After that, choose the most appropriate answers below!

1. Who are the Wright Brothers?

a. The Wright Brothers are the inventors of helicopters.

b. The Wright Brothers are fans of aviation industry.

c. The Wright Brothers are successful and experienced pilots.

d. The Wright Brothers are the pioneers of aviation.

e. The Wright Brothers are the experts in aviation.

2. How did the Wright Brothers developed high interest in aeronautics?

a. Their father often brought them mechanical toys.

b. Their father always took them to see how things fly.

c. They were amazed by how the birds fly with their wings.

d. They were seeing aeroplanes a lot.

e. They were amazed by flying objects.

3. “The Wright Brothers was fascinated by the toy and its mechanics.” The italicized word has closest meaning to….

a. repulsed

b. indifferent

c. bored

d. disenchanted

e. thrilled

4. “They were trying to emulate how birds fly which later developed a concept called ‘wing warping’.” The italicized word has closest meaning to….

a. change

b. surpass

c. manipulate

d. reduce

e. neglect

5. According to the text, which one of the following statements that is FALSE?

a. The Wright Brothers successfully developed their research.

b. The Wright Brother gained their fame instantly.

c. Wilbur Wright was able to fly his plane in 59 seconds at 852 feet.

d. Orville Wright went to Europe to join his older brother.

e. The Wright Brothers’ works were accepted by the public.

6. “The press, as well as fellow flight experts, were reluctant to give the Wright Brothers acknowledgment.” The italicized word means….

a. feeling suspicious

b. feeling betrayed

c. feeling hesitant

d. feeling sure

e. feeling anxious

7. What was the future of the Wright Brothers’ career?

a. They were going bankrupt because they could not make a lot of aeroplanes.

b. They went back to United States with empty hands.

c. They sold their research to the United States army.

d. They failed to make money from their research.

e. They became successful businessman in aeronautics.

8. Who was the pioneer that inspired the Wright Brothers?

a. Milton Wright

b. Katharine Wright

c. Bishop

d. The United States

e. Alphonse Pénaud

9. When was the first plane successfully flown?

a. 1871

b. 1878

c. 1903

d, 1908

e. 1909

10. What is the purpose of the text “History of the Wright Brothers”?

a. to describe a historical event

b. to explain about a specific historical event

c. to argue about a historical event that matters

d. to amuse the reader by retelling a historical event

e. to discuss whether or not the historical event matters

Setelah membaca dan mengerjakan contoh soal teks deskripsi di atas, diskusikan dengan teman-temanmu. Apabila ada pertanyaan, silakan tuliskan di komentar.

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