Contoh Soal News Item tentang Penemuan Benda Purba

Berikut ini contoh soal News Item tentang Penemuan Benda Purba. Semoga bisa dijadikan referensi untuk Anda yang sedang belajar mengenai jenis teks Bahasa Inggris, khususnya News Item.

A. Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

Archeologists Find Bojonegoro’s Stone Tombs Megalithic in Nature

Archaeologists have (1)__________ that the stone tombs (2)__________ in a teakwood forest in Bojonegoro District, East Java Province contain megalithic remains.

Head of Culture Preservation and Development of Bojonegoros Tourism and Culture Office Suyanto said here Tuesday that a team of (3)__________ from East Java found at least 10 groups of stone tombs in Tanggir Village, Malo Sub district of Bojonegoro.

“Based on the study, the stone tombs in Tanggir Village remain untouched, there are still human bodies (4)___________, as well as provisions,” Suyanto said.

The archaeological survey, which (5)__________ conducted on Saturday (Jan 17), also found some individual stone tombs scattered in the area.

There are also some stone tombs located (6)__________ Kawengan Village, 15km from Tanggir Village.

However, the tombs in Kawengan had been looted and (7)__________ remained inside (8)___________ tombs.

The survey sought to map (9)__________ the stone tombs found in East Java Province, including Bojonegoro, and (10)___________ determine the (11)__________ heritage status of the sites.

Suyanto said the stone tombs of Tanggir Village are linked to the story of “wong kalang” who had lived in the region.

Based on the local (12)__________, “wong kalang” were people who worked in the forest in the ancient kingdom.

They built the tombs on the (13)__________ grounds because they believed it would allow them to be closer to heaven, Suyanto said.

The discovery will (14)__________ the heritage tourism destinations, which are being developed by the local administration, in (15)__________ with the University of National Development “Veteran” (UPNV) of Yogyakarta.

A. confirm
B. confirms
C. confirmed
D. confirming
E. had confirmed

A. discover
B. discovers
C. discovered
D. has discovered
E. had discovered

A. archaeologists
B. technicians
C. mechanics
D. politicians
E. students

A. between
B. inside
C. outside
D. among
E. from

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were
E. been

A. at
B. in
C. on
D. from
E. for

A. everything
B. something
C. everybody
D. somebody
E. nothing

A. this
B. that
C. these
D. those
E. there

A. at
B. in
C. out
D. inside
E. outside

A. on
B. of
C. for
D. from
E. to

A. social
B. cultural
C. political
D. sociological
E. archaeological

A. history
B. people
C. proof
D. thing
E. wisdom

A. closer
B. higher
C. outsider
D. former
E. further

A. enrich
B. rich
C. riches
D. be rich
E. make rich

A, assistant
B. cooperation
C. organisation
D. affiliation
E. coalition

B. Choose the correct answers!

  1. Which one is the correct statement according to the news?
    A. The ancient stone tombs were discovered on Saturday.
    B. There were some megalithic remains found in the tombs in Kawengan.
    C. There were some human bodies in the stone tombs in Kawengan.
    D. “Wong kalang” was once lived in Tanggir Village.
    E. “Wong kalang” was people who found the stone tombs in Bojonegoro.
  2. What is one of the purposes of the survey done by the archaeologists from East Java?
    A. To add stone tombs as the heritage tourism destinations in East Java.
    B. To map out the stone tombs found in East Java.
    C. To loot the megalithic remains inside the tombs in Kawengan.
    D. To discover megalithic remains in a teakwood forest in Bojonegoro.
    E. To develop the heritage tourism destinations in Bojonegoro.
  3. “The discovery will enrich the heritage tourism destinations…”
    The underlined word has similar meaning with….
    A. worsen
    B. take
    C. improve
    D. deprive
    E. deny
  4. According to the text above, “tombs” has similar meaning to….
    A. garden
    B. grave
    C. monument
    D. offerings
    E. sites
  5. In which section will you find news similar to the text above?
    A. business
    B. health
    C. national
    D. politics
    E. science

Referensi : (2016, January 19). Archeologists find Bojonegoro’s stone tombs megalithic in nature. Retrieved from

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