Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Materi Announcement Text

Perhatikan contoh soal Bahasa Inggris untuk materi announcement text berikut ini. Baca dan jawab pertanyaan yang diberikan dengan jelas dan tepat.

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Read the following announcement carefully and choose the correct answers.


It is informed to all students that the school board has set up a regular counselling section for each grade. The counselling section will be conducted from next week onward on weekly basis. The schedule for counselling section and teachers in charge is as follows:

Monday                   10th Grade       Lunch Break             Counselling teacher in charge: Mr. Joseph

Wednesday             11th Grade       After School             Counselling teacher in charge: Mr. Joseph

Saturday                  12th Grade       After School             Counselling teacher in charge: Mrs. Erina

You are encouraged to visit the counselling office to share your problems and difficulties. Student must have clear and stable mind to perform well both inside and outside the school. You are free to come to the counselling section and tell all your problems. We will do our best to help you find the solutions.

Kind regards,
Indra Rahardjo Irawan

  1. When would the counselling session be conducted?
    a. Twice a week.
    b. Every week.
    c. Every two weeks.
    d. Every month.
    e. Twice a month.
  2. What message did the headmaster pass on to the students?
    a. To graduate on time.
    b. To obey what their parents say.
    c. To obey the school regulations.
    d. To be a person with healthy mind.
    e. To always study so that they can do their exams flawlessly.
  3. According to the announcement, these statements are true, except….
    a. Mr, Joseph has two grades to handle.
    b. The counselling session will be conducted after school.
    c. Mrs. Erina has been assigned to take care of the senior-year students.
    d. The counselling will be conducted after school on Wednesday and Saturday.
    e. The counselling session for 10th grade students will be conducted every Monday at lunch break.
  4. “…to perform well both inside and outside the school….”
    The italicized word has the closest meaning to….
    a. carry out
    b. get into
    c. give up
    d. make up
    e. take in
  5. How much should the students pay for one consultation?
    a. Rp0,00
    b. Rp1.000,00
    c. Rp5.000,00
    d. Rp10.000,00
    e. Rp25.000,00
  6. “You are encouraged to visit the counselling office….”
    The italicized word has the opposite meaning with…
    a. aided
    b. advised
    c. disheartened
    d. endorsed
    e. supported
  7. The following statements are false about the announcement, except….
    a. The headmaster name is Joseph Rahardjo Irawan.
    b. There are three teachers in charge of counselling sessions.
    c. The counselling sessions are open to 11th and 12th grade students.
    d. The counselling sessions will be conducted every month.
    e. The counselling sessions will be conducted every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
  8. What kind of text announcement above?
    a. Job vacancy.
    b. Appeal from the government.
    c. Report on activities.
    d. School announcement.
    e. Obituary.
  9. Where can you find an announcement similar to the one above?
    a. In the missing item section.
    b. On the class bulletin board.
    c. Inside the mall.
    d. In front of the post office.
    e. At a bus stop.
  10. What is the purpose of the text?
    a. To avoid the students to visit the counselling office.
    b. To conduct research of students’ behaviours and problems.
    c. To encourage the students to study as hard as they can.
    d. To inform the students that there is a counselling program.
    e. To tell the students that the teachers will help them to find the solutions of their problems.

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