Contoh Teks Opini Tentang Sekolah

Contoh Teks Opini Tentang Sekolah | Salah satu jenis teks persuasif adalah teks opini atau opinion text. Selain memapatkan sebuah pendapat, mendukungnya dengan fakta pendukung yang dapat dipertanggung jawabkan. Dengan demikian opini yang dilontarkan dapat lebih mudah untuk meyakinkan orang lain tentang kebenarannya.

Sebelum membahas tentang contoh teks opini, terlebih dulu, perhatikan strukturnya. Ada 4 bagian yang membentuk sebuah struktur opinion text yang baik dan benar. Hal ini diperlukan agar cukup waktu untuk meyakinkan pembaca tentang konten dari teks.

  • Hook. Berikan awalan yang langsung menarik perhatian pembaca
  • Topic sentence, Pembahasan masalah yang dikomentari
  • Reason, Dukung opini Anda dengan latar belakang beserta info penunjang
  • Conclusion. Rangkum keseluruhan bahasan untuk menarik pembaca agar sependapat dengan penulis. 

Opinion text dilakukan dengan gaya persuasif untuk membujuk pembaca. Untuk lebih jelas maka perhatikan contoh teks opini berikut tentang sekolah.

Contoh Teks Opini

Questioning how teachers are treated

Indonesia’s education remains one of the poorest in Asia. As there is special day when we celebrate and honor our teachers. We also need to reflect and really as deep questions how are the people that taught us are really valued. Teaching is still an honorable profession in Indonesia. Although if you are looking at the teachers in small villages and the remote part of Indonesia. Their condition is beyond imagination.

Moreover, the Education and Culture Ministry regulates many qualifications for a teacher to apply certain certificates for them to have an increase in their salary. As teachers add more credentials, their work and effort are rewarded by adding a few more numbers in their paycheck. Yet, the rural area’s teacher is having a hard time accepting this matter.

These certifications can be obtained by following seminars, training, and many other educational events. These things may be a common thing in big cities. This does not happen in a smaller area. People are thinking about what will they eat daily let alone thinking about going to seminars. That is if there is any. Let us not forget, schools in poor regions can barely pay their teachers, let alone send them to seminars.

Of course, it is one way to makes teachers richer themselves with more knowledge in education. In the end, it is the students who benefit from their teacher’s excellent performance. This policy are supposed to increase national student performance. Yet, it remains to be seen.

Looking at the ugly truth, teachers have no one to blame. They keep on teaching no matter the burden and trouble they are facing. It is the higher people that need to step up the game for them. This profession still has many people interested. There are kids who are dreaming to become a teacher. So, let us treat them better.

Finally, for fellow teachers. You are important and your existence matters. You can make a generation and you can also ruins them. What you choose to teach them can stay in their mind for the rest of their life. So, inspire as many as a kid as possible. It is what you always wanted. Money was never been the one thing that make you become a teacher in the first place.

Demikianlah contoh teks opini tentang sekolah dalam Bahasa Inggris. Bila Anda berminat membuat opinion text, terlebih dahulu pilih judul dan tema yang Anda dapat komentari, dengan demikian isinya bisa lebih kaya.

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