Contoh Opinion Text Tentang Social Media

Contoh Opinion Text Tentang Social Media | Setiap orang memiliki pendapat yang beraneka ragam. Hal tersebut terbentuk karena latar belakang dan pengalaman sebelumnya. Agar opini dapat diterima orang lain diperlukan alasan dan fakta pendukung. Oleh sebab itulah opinion text memiliki struktur yang terbagi menjadi beberapa bagian.

  • Hook. Awal text yang menarik perhatian pembaca untuk membaca tuntas text
  • Topic sentence, Pembahasan subjek dalam tulisan yang akan dikomentari
  • Reason, Dukung pendapat atau opini dengan alasan dan detail penunjang
  • Conclusion. Mengulas kembali subjek dan opini sehingga pembaca dapat sependapat atau menyetujui opini penulis. 

Opinion text adalah contoh text yang dibuat dengan gaya persuasif untuk membujuk pembaca setuju dengan pendapat penulis dalam tulisannya. Untuk lebih jelasnya dapat membaca contoh opinion text tentang social media berikut ini.

Contoh Opinion Text Social Media

The Negative Of Social Media

These day you can not escape the sosial media. There were times when getting a letter, a phone call or just an invitation to meet is the only way you can socialize. Meeting friends and family in other citiies or countries are difficult and have limited access. Nowdays, you can use any social platform such as Facebook, Instagram dan Twitter not just talking to people living far away but also your nexr door neighbour.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with people that live in a distance. Yet, it also change the way people communicate. People have a diffirent of communicationg and not exacly yu can call having a really conversation. That is why, people began to realise that beside the good things about social media, there are olso some bad ones to be aware of. 

First of all, leaving short messages on birthdays, graduations or a condolance is considers enough. Generally after congratulating and leaving some sentences from social media. Social media will go about their days and feel no need to make further interaction. Being present when your friend greafing and holding their hands is substitutes with some words that you can read from your screen. 

Second, social media become a place to vent and talk without even thinking. It is like having your personal diary that just need to log into. The public forget that what is posted online become their digital foot print and remaind there for everyone to see and judge. Something silly that you posted in your teens may be received negatively in your working application data reaserch. That is why people need to be mindful when using the media. 

Lastly, updating dan posting photoes regularly is not always good. Robbery case and other criminal act theseday is a result of too much information that are posted using social media. Letting stragers know about your daily lifes, how you look likes and places you visited can come back and harm you. This can lead for bad result that can easily prevented by using social media wisely.

The reasons stated above is to give a warning of what social media can negatively impact our life. You need to think before posting and understand the danger that social media can bring. Overall, social media is a good way to stay in touch with families and friends. Use it wisely and eveyone will prevent any negative effect of media. 

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Perhatikan pengimplementasian opini dan pengaturan struktur teksnya. Semoga contoh opinion text diatas memberikan sample yang jelas bagaimana membuat sebuah opinion text yang baik dan benar.

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