Contoh Narrative Text Fairy Tale Tentang Putri Tidur

Narrative Text Fairy Tale | Bercerita adalah salah satu kegiatan paling seru untuk mengenalkan bahasa baru bagi anak-anak. Dalam Bahasa Inggris teks yang digunakan untuk mendongeng disebut dengan narrative text. Cerita bisa mengangkat fable, myth, legend atau fairy tales. Semua kisah tersebut memiliki unsur imajenatif dan mengajak pembacanya untuk mengenal berbagai cerita turun-temurun.

Fairy tales mengangkat kisah tentang kerajaan, putri cantik dan berbagai kejadian penuh petulangan dan moral. Ciri khas narrative text fairy tale berstruktur seperti bentuk narrative text lainnya yakni diawali dengan orientationcomplication, dan diakhiri dengan resolution. Yuk, simak contoh fairy tale text tentang putri tidur atau sleeping beauty.

Contoh Narrative Text Fairy Tale

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, there is a golden castle with a happy king and queen. They are full of love and the people love them too. Yet, they still have no child to complete their happiness.

After many months and years, the queen finally gives birth to a baby girl. The kingdom is very happy with their new princess. The king and queen make a big party and invite everybody in the kingdom, especially the forest fairies. They bless the child with many gifts such as kindness, beauty, richness. and many more. However, the king and queen forget to invite one fairy that comes and give a curse to the child. “When the princess is fifteen years old she will die impaled by sewing needles.

Everyone terrified with the wicked fairy curse. Fortunately, there is one fairy left that haven’t given and blessing. The king and queen beg her to undo the curse. Unfortunately, she can not do anything to break the spell. She can only add something. “your daughter will not die because of the needle, but she will sleep for hundreds of years and can only be woken up with a true love kiss”.

The princess grows up to be a lovely child and sweet. The kingdom tries to prevent the curse by destroying all sewing objects. Until she turns fifteen, the princess has never seen a sewing machine. That is why the wicked fairy pretends to be an old lady that makes cloth with an old sewing machine with a needle. The princess has never seen such a thing. The wicked fairy let the princess touch the machine and pricked her finger to the needle. The princess falls to the ground and the wicked fairy left the kingdom thinking the princess is dead just like her curse.

As foreseen, all the other fairies put the sleeping princess to her bedroom. So, she is not lonely, they put everyone in the kingdom to sleep too. They cover the kingdom with torn and thick threes and shield the kingdom for many years.

Hundred years later, stories spread from families to royals of sleeping beauty and a kingdom covered with prickly wild trees. A prince cautious about the tale and seek if it is true. He goes to the forest to the forest for the hidden kingdom. When the prince came to the palace, he saw everyone fall asleep. He explores the palace until he reaches sleeping beauty’s bedroom. Then he looks at the beautiful princess and kissed her. it broke the curse, sleeping beauty woke up and so does everyone in the kingdom.

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