Contoh Discussion Text Tentang Internet

Contoh Discussion Text | Memiliki perbedaan pendapat tentu sah-sah saja. Bahkan sebuah masalah bisa jadi bahan diskusi yang seru. Selain bisa jadi bahan percakapan, diskusi juga dapat dipaparkan dalam bentuk teks untuk dibaca. Discussion Text, memaparkan baik dan buruk, positif dan negatif, pro dan kontra dari suatu masalah.

Tujuan teks argumentatif dari discussion text adalah mengambil kesimpulan netral dengan mempertimbangkan semua aspeknya. Berikut adalah contoh discussion text tentang internet. Pembangian text ini mengikuti structure sebagai berikut.

  • Issue. Masalah yang akan dikupas tuntas
  • Argument For. Paragraf yang bersifat mendukung isu yang dibahas
  • Argument Against. Paragraf yang memberi penjelasan bersifat menentang
  • Conclusion. Penarikan kesimpulan yang netral dan tidak memihak siapapun.

Yuk kita lihat contoh discussion text tentang internet. Siapa sih yang tidak menggunakan internet dijaman sekarang ini? Lihat yuk, bentuk teks diskusi.

Contoh Discussion Text

The Good And Bad Of Internet

Nowadays, the Internet is developing rapidly. It becomes a multi-billion dollar industry. It is the era of digital world where everything is digitalized and use the internet in almost every aspect of life. It is an important part not only in the children’ life but also in the adults’ life. Nevertheless, there is an argument about whether it brings good or bad influences on children and adult.

People who have a pro argument claim that the internet gives a lot of benefits, browsing and playing online games is a good way to kill children’s boredom. It can refresh not only kids after hours of studying but also adult after a day of work. In general, people also argue that the internet can trigger children to be more creative because it provides various information. It also brings people closer as it solves distance issue on becoming the prefect media for communicating with other people. In other words, they believe that the internet can sharpen a human’s brain also make the world smaller.

Conversely, some people believe that the internet makes people lazy. They argue that it is addictive. As a consequence, most of the children and adult would prefer looking to their screen rather than making actual contact. These children find it hard to concentrate on their study because they always think about how to spend more time in front of the internet. There are also some children do poorly at school because they bring their phone to school and play games or browse. 

Adult also shows a sign of using the internet during their working hour for personal business. The older people get does not necessarily mean wiser decision when it comes to internet usage. There are various crimes that people do use the internet. 

Besides, most internet often exposes too much negative content, bullying and even violence. In the USA alone, reportedly there is various bullying case, stalking and identity crime from using the internet. For example, a student shot his teacher and some of his friends. Newspapers said that the boy was deeply influenced by what he saw over the internet. 

The Internet has more disadvantages than advantages. Therefore, parents should be very careful in making appropriate internet time not only for their children but also for themselves. 

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Menarik kan pembahasan contoh Discussion Text tentang internet diatas. Semoga dengan mempelajarinya, akan menambah pengetahuan tentang internet dan khususnya mengenai Discussion Text.

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