3 Contoh Spoof Text : Humor di Sekolah

Contoh Spoof Text | Membaca cerita yang lucu dengan ending tidak terduga bisa jadi cara belajar Bahasa Inggris yang menyenangkan. Spoof text adalah cerita konyol dengan plot cerita dengan akur yang mengecoh (twist) terutama pada bagian akhirnya. 

Contoh spoof text berikut menceritakan beberapa kisah jenaka dengan mengambil latar belakang atau setting disekolah. Sedangkan untuk struktur paragrafnya terdiri dari.

  • Orientation. Latar belakang cerita dan karakter didalamnya
  • Event. Peristiwa yang terjadi pada karakter yang terlibat
  • Twist. Akhiran yang tidak terduga yang mengandung unsur humoris
Contoh Spoof Text

Berikut adalah contoh spoof text yang mengambil tempat disekolah. Perhatikan dengan seksama.

Story 1 : 100

Bobby jumping up and down with excitement. He wants to show his mom his test grades. “Mom, I got 100 scores today!”. The mother is really happy. “That is amazing. What subject did you get that grade?”. He replied.” for chemistry, math and biology”. The mother gets a little confused “What do you mean?”. Bobby replied proudly. “that three school subject in the total score”

Story 2 : Are you going to punish me?

Student: “Sir, Do you get angry easily?”

Principle: “Depending, the reason”

Student: “For not doing anything”

Principle: “Absolutely no”

Student :”Fantastic. I didn’t do my homework today”

Story 3 : Do you know?

Teacher: “So, let us recap the lesson today. Mark, please tell me, where Mount Kilimanjaro is?”

Student: “I don’t know”

Teacher: “What do you mean, you don’t know? We just learn about it fifteen ago. Sit in that chair and face the wall”

The student does as the teacher commanded. Then the student shouted.

Student: “ Is Mount Kilimanjaro on the wall?

Story 4 : The New Teacher

A young man comes to school applying to be a teacher. The principle greeted him and welcome him with open arm. The school always have a cleaning day and all the teacher also help out. So the principle gives the new teacher a broom. “This is your first job, said the principle. The young man shouted angryly, “For your information, I am a university graduate”. Then the principle takes back the broom”I am very sorry. I will show you how it is done”

Story 5 : Half Day School

In a school in the middle of the city. The student having difficulty learning. It rains heavily. The water drop makes a loud noise. Some student event starts to fall asleep. The intercom from the Principle office makes some noise. There is an announcement. “Dear student, due to the heavy rain. We will only study half a day in the morning. All student cheer with joy. They principle pause and continue talking”Then we will continue another half after lunch”

Story 6 : History

George Washington is known for being honest. He cut down his father tree and admit it. The teacher ask the student “Now, kids. What is the reason, George father is not angry to him?. One of the student responded. “because he still have the axe?”

Story 7 : The Subtitute Teacher

A new teacher is substituting for another teacher. She usually teach higher level and think that she should make things easier for her lower level student. She decided to write everything on the white board to make things easier. In math class she write the question on the board. On english class, the write down the text on the board. And for spelling class, she write down the words on the board.

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Apakah Anda dapat menemukan elemen lucunya? Demikianlah beberapa contoh spoof text disekolah. Perhatikan seluruh bagian text, terutama bagian ending memperlihatkan twist dari cerita. 

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