Contoh Review Text Tentang Film Frozen 2

Text dalam Bahasa Inggris memiliki beberapa bentuk dan ciri khas. Ada perbedaan antara text satu dan lainnya, salah satunya adalah text yang bersifat persuasif seperti Review text. Melakukan ulasan tentang suatu hal memiliki maksud agar pembaca dapat tertarik dengan apa yang sudah dijabarkan. Baik produk, film maupun lagu terbaru dari artis kenamaan, review text dibuat dengan memikat dan menarik. 

Textnya perlu pemilihan kata yang menarik perhatian agar dapat memikat pembaca. Selain itu penulisannya mengikuti struktur yang sudah ditetapkan, sebagai berikut. Terkadang, penulis memberikan nilai atau rating terhadap objek yang diulasnya atau membandingkannya dengan objek serupa.

  • Introduction, fakta mengenai materi yang akan diulas
  • Evaluation, penjelasan detail mengenai objek yang akan direview
  • Interpretation, pendapat penulis mengenai objek yang diulasnya
  • Summary. Ringkasan objek beserta pendapat penulis baik bersifat menyarankan atau tidak

Untuk memberikan gambaran lebih jelasnya, perhatikan contoh review text sebagai berikut. 

Contoh Review Text


Walt Disney Pictures is forever known for their princess. The popular animation film Frozen makes its come back after its fantastic achievement with the previous movie. The modern translation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale stole the heart many young girls, families and the whole world by storm. It has every quality of a good story with lonely heroine resemble Tanged, sisters conflict feels like The Little Mermaid, strong and powerful female leads like Pocahontas. This famous Disney hit movie is taking another shoot on making a sequel of the sisters of Arendelle.

Animation works from this movie take its inspiration from the Nordic Kingdom which is the right called seeing its mega-hit. The directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee manage to take Elsa and Anna to another journey filled with many morals value that any viewer can take in. Frozen 2 takes back way before Anna and Elsa’s parent’s death and the origin of Elsa’s power. People, of course, are curious about what happened with Anna, the love story between Kristoff and Elsa and the witty Olaf that lighten the story. 

The sister’s heroic journey is both refresh and entertaining. The second time around old character team up and fight together. Kristof, Olaf and his reindeer stay by the sister’s sides on revealing every question unravel. The audience will also get a chance to see amazing animation images and beautiful graphics. It proves once again, there is still magic and miracles. 

The story involves Elsa finding out her parents death and the mysterious voice that she has been hearing. It takes her back to the magical forest that holds many secrets and also the truth about her power. Anna of course not far behind on helping her sister to stay in track. In the end, the sister hand by hand avoid Arendelle once again from great danger. 

The movie manages to pull off another brilliant story and animation works. The easy listening song is another big part of the movie that complete the whole thing. The song captures every character on point making “Frozen 2” is more than another children story. Even the voice behind it able to portray the right character of the entire cast. With every element put in place, this movie is worth seeing by all ages.

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